A 1-2 hour walking tour around the following villages or towns, taking in the social history, architecture, geography and special interests of that particular special place. Discover the snippets and real life stories which go together to show how these villages or towns have changed over the years.

Ashbourne market town

Ashford in the Water

Once part of a major local estate this picturesque village has lots to offer. The locally mined Ashford Black Marble gave the village an artistic past, whilst the Maidens Garlands take us back to Viking forebares. A major crossing point on the river the three bridges tell different stories of travellers and trade through the area.

Ashbourne market town


This beautiful townscape, noted for its wonderful Georgian Architecture and the famous visitors of the past, who helped to shape the History of Britain, makes a. fascinating tour. Though only a small market town it still holds a notorious Shrovetide football game every year, with hundreds of players on each side. All in all giving it a deserved place in the local history books.

Bakewell weir


Here we find the story behind the unique Bakewell Pudding (not to be confused with the ubiquitous Bakewell Tart) in this picturesque Market Town, headquarters of the Peak National Park Authority, and a central hub to a large rural community. From the large collection early Celtic carvings to the modern day Agricultural Business Centre – Bakewell is full of hidden surprises.


A series of four different communities now linked together with connection to both the Haddon Estate as well as, more obviously, Chatsworth. From the ancient toll bridge and connections to modern historical figures to famous current residents there’s something to interest everyone during the stroll.

Buxton crescent


Enjoy this northern Spa town, complete with stunning Georgian and Victorian architecture, including the famous Crescent and Dome. A infamous royal visitor, Edwardian Theatre and a long summer of festivals have made this the ‘in’ place to visit throughout the ages. Promenade along covered walkways where generations have strolled before and ‘take the waters’ on your tour through the opulent splendour of the past.

Castleton village


Here’s a thriving village to discover behind the tourist scene. Famed for its show caves, unique Blue John Stone and Norman Castle the secrets are to be found in the back streets and ancient routes through this pretty village. Follow the coffin trail, pay a toll and find out the history of Daft Sammy whilst taking in the magnificent surroundings of this well known beauty spot.

Eyam Hall


Known as the plague village, this story of local sacrifice centuries ago is a huge part of the village scene today, and possibly the making of a medical breakthrough in the future. Amble through this picturesque village and discover the stories behind the people who lived here. With its 17th century Hall and lead mining heritage there’s so much more to encounter.

Little John's grave in Hathersage


Famed for its local climbs and walks, this small industrial village of the past is now a Mecca for outdoor activity. Follow in the footsteps of the famous author Charlotte Bronte and experience the background to her timeless novel ‘Jane Eyre’, inspired whilst visiting the village.  An Edwardian philanthropist and a modern day design visionary both add additional colour to this fascinating place alongside legend and the businesses of the past.

Hartington cheese shop


At the head of Dove Dale and previously one of the homes of Stilton Cheese making, this little village has hosted Russian Royalty and famous sculptors as well as being the place where Charles Cotton penned The Seven Wonders of the Peak District. With its 17th century Hall, now a renowned hostel, and moated Manor House the importance of the past is shown in its magnificent buildings set amongst glorious scenery.


Hope was previously an enormous parish stretching from Longdendale to Ashford, with a hidden castle, ancient church and fascinating history. Most people just travel along the modern main road but ancient routes and trackways tell a different and more important story.

Winster Market Hall


This ex-mining village contains beautiful town houses along its main street, a prominent sign of the wealth of the past. From the ancient Market Hall, the first National Trust property in the Peak District, to its renowned Open Gardens Weekend there’s lots of stories to tell in this stunning location.

Tideswell Church


A town that never happened, this commercial capital was once a central hub to all the remote villages around. St Johns Church, known as the Cathedral of the Peak, and famed for its miles of carvings, stands proudly in the village centre. Ancient medieval street patterns mix with imposing buildings and picturesque alley ways, alongside heartwarming stories, this makes a fascinating trail through history. The village is also now the home of Taste Tideswell, a successful local food group.

Tissington Hall


This beautiful Estate village is built around the Jacobean Hall, home of the Fitzherbert family. Said to have been the first village to have revived the Well Dressing Ceremony in the 1700s with five wells it is the centre of this unique custom today. Stone cottages with well-tended gardens sit around the village pond making it a quintessential village scene imbibed with history.

 If you have an interest in a village or local town not listed please contact me and I would endeavor to research it and plan a tour especially for you. There are more walks being planned in other villages at the moment and I hope to expand to many more in the near future.